[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″ el_class=”” css=”” offset=”” reveal_effect=”” reveal_duration=”” reveal_delay=””][vc_column_text]Project Background
This Fulbright project investigates how digital technology and computational tools are changing Danish design culture. Danish design is known around the world for its tradition of simple forms and handcrafted objects. How is digital technology changing it? How are Danish designers approaching these new tools? And how is it changing how we view today in a historical context? As part of this research, I am interviewing Danish designers, practitioners, historians, curators, etc. to get a wide sampling of input on the subject. Some main themes I’m interested in are:

Form and Complexity
Danish design is known for simple aesthetic forms and handmade craft. Computational design processes foster the opposite, complex outward forms and inhuman aesthetics of craft. How does this affect Danish designers digital explorations?

Breaking Away from the Ghosts of Danish Past:
I’ve found many Danish designers express a frustration towards the heavy weight of the modernist design culture in Denmark, and having to live up to the legacy of design icons like Jacobsen, Wegner, Juhl, etc. How do designers carve out breathing room to comfortably explore the digital, while acknowledging their cultural heritage?

Leaving Denmark:
Many young designers leave Denmark, to get experience with digital processes and experiment globally, at firms pushing digital tools in design and production. What happens when they come back?

Beyond these interviews, I am also part of the research group at CITA, located at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts and Architecture in Copenhagen. At CITA I am also working on a few large research projects investigating digital fabrication and robotics. Find more personal work here: scottleinweber.com



Call for Participants
I am interested in interviewing Danish and international designers working in Denmark. These range from theoreticians and curators, to practitioners and craftsmen of all kinds. Please get in touch at slei@kadk.dk if you are interested in being interviewed or participating.

About the Center for Information Technology in Architecture
CITA is an innovative research environment exploring the emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies. Identifying core research questions into how space and technology can be probed, CITA seeks to investigate how the current forming of a digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.

I am currently based at CITA, KADK until summer 2016.

I am generously supported by the Danish-American Fulbright Commission.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]